Elaine Carhartt


Elaine Carhatt has been a ceramicist working in Southern California for over 30 years. Through her career as an artist, she has exhibited widely and created site-specific pieces for a variety of spaces and clients.

Her method is steeped in traditional Turkish and Portuguese tile work. Here, she has drawn further inspiration from Japanese Ukiyo-e prints, which tell the stories of simple things. “My mural shows the pastimes that make for the material good life.” But these simple pleasures belie the artist’s deeper message: “Stop wanting so much to feel good.”

1212 Abbot Kinney Boulevard is the most recent tile mural Carhartt has created for Venice Collaborative. Her work also covers much of the façade of 574 Rialto Avenue. 1212 Abbot Kinney Boulevard is expected to be completed in this spring.

Venice Collaborative Projects:

  • 1212 Abbot Kinney Boulevard
  • 574 Rialto Avenue