Nancy Monk


Nancy Monk has been a professional artist for thirty years. Although she has worked in a multitude of media spanning from glass and ceramics to photography and painting, creating a large-scale ‘painting’ in response to a building is a new application for Monk to express her ideas.

The work Monk currently creates in her studio has a duality between obsessive layering and minimal selection where she layers paint, gold leaf and small object on top of photographs, framing aspects of the image to create her own story.

Nancy Monk’s second piece of work for Venice Collaborative is 23 Breeze Court. Inspired by the visual language of the boardwalk, the art creates the opportunity for unexpected sightings by multitudes of pedestrians walking past the building, located just steps from the beach. Nancy is represented by Craig Krull Gallery in Santa Monica, CA.

Venice Collaborative Projects:

  • 21331 Rambla Vista
  • 419 Ocean Front Walk
  • 23 Breeze
  • 420 South Venice Boulevard